What is First Power

First Power is a unique organization that blends business innovation with social purpose. Our vision is simple: to put green energy technology along with jobs and economic benefits into the hands of communities.

First Power works with the Centre for Integral Economics - an award-winning charitable organization that specializes in education and community based economics to provide additional community development benefits.

Through diverse partnerships, innovative planning, as well as oral and graphic based communications we support communities in owning renewable energy


What Does First Power Do?
  • We collaborate with First Nations and other communities to make clean affordable renewable energy and clean technology solutions available.
  • We create energy autonomy for diesel dependent communities.
  • We develop commercial projects that transform dependency to empowerment; creating long term meaningful work, community and economic development and majority First Nation and or community ownership.
  • We provide capacity building, skills and labour training in the fastest growing labour markets in the world.
  • We help create green energy, technology and conservation solutions tied to culture.
  • We build funding and finance packages.
  • We build highly successful partnerships across technologies and sectors.
  • We connect the community through their culture to their energy supply in a way that honours the ancestors and provides for the children and their children...

Solutions for Complex Challenges

First Nations are poised to be leaders in renewable energy - they have lived sustainably and harnessed the power of the wind, water and sun for thousands of years. First Power is about First Nations having community ownership and control over clean, renewable energy. First Power means having a secure energy supply that doesn't rely on expensive, polluting diesel generators that are causing serious health and environmental problems. It means job training for First Nations people in one of the fastest growing labour sectors in Canada.

Partnerships and Training that Make a Difference

First Power believes that the best solutions come from inside First Nations communities. We build innovative partnerships between diverse sectors to meet the vision and needs identified by First Nations communities themselves. Our training is designed for an oral learning style and is directly relevant to local culture and tradition.

Who We Are

First Power is a mission driven company that facilitates socially responsible and technically savvy projects. We work strategically with a charity, the Centre for Integral Economics to support the education and training components of the projects. Meet the people behind First Power.

What We Do

First Power is designed to empower First Nations to gain access to and ownership of renewable energy. Read more.

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