What We Do

Engage - Build meaningful relationships and partnerships with leading First Nations and other communities to explore the connections between traditions, teachings and innovative technologies. We help develop projects that harness the power of the wind, rain, sun and earth and align them with the highest goals and deep talents of communities.

Integrate - Produce projects that align jobs, economic development and healing with renewable energy and clean technology. We work at a systems level, respecting the interconnections of issues and the beautiful web of solutions.

Train - Harness capacity in the communities and provide customized and culturally appropriate training to "own" and maintain renewable and clean technologies. We partner with leading education, capacity and training individuals and organizations.

Communicate - Create beautiful materials that honour "oral traditions" and communicate the complexity of the projects from and to the community and for the larger world to be inspired by and want to support.

Turn-key - Manage the full gamut of planning, feasibility, research, and technology solutions through a series of partnerships with key companies, utilities and government agencies.

Fund - Develop funding and finance strategies with the public and private sector to invest in energy systems, the creation of jobs and economic development while leaving communities with empowerment and control.

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Key Benefits
  • In remote communities, drastic reductions in fossil fuels and carbon emissions.
  • Improved health from reduced particle emissions that trigger asthma and other serious conditions.
  • Creation of training programs that create "green collar" and meaningful jobs.
  • Establish First Nations and other communities as leaders in integrated energy solutions.
  • Economic development opportunities in energy and from creating the key platform for other forms of economic development.